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Tirupati International is one of the leading Trader and Exporter of a variety of Agro Products across the world. Established in India, and headquartered in Rajkot (Gujarat), Tirupati International is backed experience in the agro industry.
Here at Tirupati International, we specialize in sourcing and providing the best agricultural products including Maida, Cumin Seeds , Coriander Seeds, Sesame Seeds , Fenugreek Seeds, Chickpeas , Peanut , MAIZE, Rice as well as Green millet. All of our produce come at unbeatable prices too so you can trust that you will always find exactly what you need when it comes to Agricultural Commodity. From experience I know how difficult shopping can be but that’s why we want everyone who shops with us feels appreciated!...

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 We belong to a Gujarati community which is known to have business acumen in their roots. They come from the culturally rich state of Gujarat whose soil is rich in agriculture.

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